Success: Suspect Released on Bail

Bail in a Drug Trafficing Case in Hungary

In one of my latest cases, a non-EU country tourist was apprehended by policemen during the annual Ozora Festival. According to the authorities, he had tried to sell drugs to some disguised policemen. His belongings were searched thoroughly by the present policemen and several types of drugs as well as all his cash has been seized. He was accused of drug trafficking.

Pre-trial detention

The Court has decided on the suspect’s pre-trial detention, reasoning that it was necessary since the accused is a foreigner with no residence in Hungary and no personal attachment to the country, therefore his presence during the legal procedure could not be ensured otherwise.

Release on Bail

I made a motion for the suspect to be released on bail considering the large amount of cash that the authorities had seized, and also a sum of money that the suspect’s family offered to pay as bail. I argued that the suggested amount of money would be enough to ensure the suspect’s presence during the investigation and the trial, and that it provides an adequate dissuasive effect against the suspect’s escape. Moreover, I argued that the amount of drugs the authorities had found in the suspect’s bag was not as large as to serve as a reason for him to fear punishment, or escape from the authorities because of this fear.

The Court has accepted my motion and the suspect has been released on bail.

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