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Dr. Bátki Pál ügyvéd

I offer criminal law services for clients speaking English or French. My office is situated in the center of Budapest, the capital of Hungary. I am proud that I often help and solve problems for citizens and companies in Europe or overseas.


My legal practice covers the main areas of criminal law and international criminal law. I have expertise in drug abuse violations, money laundering, white collar crimes, forgery and counterfeiting, fraud, financial crimes and tax fraud offenses, driving and traffic crimes.

Earlier practice in the Ministry of Justice

My earlier practice in the Ministry of Justice and Law Enforcement allows me to handle international and especially international criminal law issues at a high professional level. I often cooperate with foreign colleagues in Extradition or European Arrest Warrant cases from or to Hungary.

I am referred by the the two main English speaking embassies in Hungary

as a defense counsel, lawyer proividing services for US citizens.

You can read many of my articles, posts in English below.

International  Cooperation of Criminal Lawyers

I am proud that my office has become a member of the PenalNet cooperation of EU member state lawyers.

PenalNet is a European initiative toprovide a directory of registered European criminal lawyers which allows faster interaction and efficiency. Besides this PenalNet increases confidence between the professionals and amongst clients/citizens whilst protecting their right to privacy as well as professional secrecy.

I teach Inetrnational Law at International Business School (Budapest partner of Oxford Brookes University)

Why chosing me as your defense attorney in Hungary?

Choosing the best defense attorney in Hungary is crucial when facing legal charges. A skilled defense attorney will possess deep knowledge of Hungarian law and procedures, ensuring the best possible defense strategy. With their expertise, experience, and dedication, they will strive to protect your rights, provide sound legal advice, and vigorously advocate for your interests in the courtroom.


You can contact me and get an appointment at or you can call + (36)-30-22-11-579.

It is easy to find your way to my office: it is overlooking the river Danube next to Margaret bridge on the Pest side:

Olga S
Olga S
14:23 18 Feb 22
I am very grateful to Pal for his help. He is an excellent specialist and a great professional in criminal law. Pal was recommended to me by people whose problems he also solved successfully. Ours also ended successfully thanks to Pal!
Ian M. Cook
Ian M. Cook
13:43 15 Feb 22
Brilliant (and speaks perfect English)!
louis martin
louis martin
13:00 29 Nov 21
I can say without a doubt a very professional and active lawyer who guided with courtesy and knowledge of the system in Hungary. I can very much recommend to anyone looking for top level assistance.
Kirill Z
Kirill Z
08:27 12 Nov 21
Very professional approach. Deep understanding of the issue and client needs.100% satisfied!
Jung Hyun yun
Jung Hyun yun
09:24 28 Oct 21
I had good service and quick response and issuing Hugary police certificate for US immigration. I satfisfied his service and effort.
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