Success: suspended prison sentence in drug trafficing case

Dr. Bátki Pál attorney
Dr. Bátki Pál ügyvéd

The charge is drug-trafficing

In one of my cases, which started in the summer of 2018 there has been a positive development.
My client M. S., citizen of M. state apprehended during Ozora Festival, Hungary. According to the authorities, he offered to sell drugs to some policemen in disguise.

He was immediately searched by the officers, and various types of drugs were found in his belongings, which were immediately seized.
My client was accused of drug trafficking. According to the Hungarian Criminal Code, drug trafficking is punishable with two to eight
years of imprisonment in case of considerable quantity of drugs.

The sentence: suspended prison

The case ended positively for my client. The court sentenced him to two years of imprisonment and suspended the sentence for three years which is equal to the minimum of the rate of punishment.

Ozora festival: Criminal law misconceptions

Many people, especially foreigners think that there is a special criminal law rule for the time and the territory of the Ozora festival. This is not true. The organisers of the Festival inform everybody about the following on their site:

„Although we might have differing opinions on rules and regulations, respecting the law is quite important. We recommend keeping this in mind, especially because we would like everyone to arrive at the festival safely and be able to spend their time here, together with us all, the best way possible, and then get back home in one piece and peace.

Many of you have asked us about the actual Hungarian laws and regulations in light of the previous years’ happenings, which might be useful for Ozorians en route to the festival and also during their stay in the Valley and Hungary.
A new, stricter Criminal Code came into force on 1 July, 2013, so every festivalgoer should be aware of the following:

Drinking and Driving
Don’t drink and drive! Especially if your Blood Alcohol Level is over 0,0 BAC level. What does this mean? It’s called the ‘zero-tolerance’ policy.

Drug Policy
You are not allowed to possess narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.”

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