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What is a Certificate of Good Conduct?

Certificate of Good Conduct (sometimes referred to as Police Clearance Report) is an official report in Hungary stating that a person as no criminal record. It is issued on the basis of data processed in the criminal records system.

It is often required in many Hungarian official procedures (the establishment of a legal relationship or maintenance of a legal relationship (such as contracts of employment, VISA applications, application for resident permits) or the verification of compliance with other conditions prescribed by law.

We can help you to obtain a Hungarian Certificate of Good Conduct (or Police Clearance Report)

Which authority issues it?

Certificates of Good Conduct (Police Clearance Reports) are issued by the Home Office of Hungary.

How long does it take to obtain a Police Clearance Report?

It usually takes 7 days to obtain a Hungarian Certificate of Good Conduct?

Can a foreigner be represented by a Hungarian lawyer in the process of obtaining a certificate?

Yes we can help with the

  • administration,
  • translation and
  • courier delivery.

Please ask about our offer about the above services.

How does a Hungarian Certificate of Good Conduct look like?

A Certificate of Good Conduct is issued on an A/5 document and looks like the following:


In which language Certificate of Good Conduct be requested?

Certificates of Good Conduct are issued only in Hungarian. In case you need it in English or in any other language please ask for our quote to prepare a translation.

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