Extradition – study of a successful case

Our office often cooperate with foreign attorneys in extradition and International or European Arrest Warrant cases. One of our cases had just finished successfully by the decision of a Canadian Court which had dismissed the request for extradition of Hungary.

The Republic of Hungary sought the extradition of our client R. D. from Canada to face charges for criminal actions, namely fraud.

The case started in 1994 with loans from different people. The investigation began in 1997 but by that time R. D. had already lived in Canada. In 2005 an international arrest warrant was issued by the competent Hungarian Court.

On January 11, 2011 the Canadian Court found that the evidences against the respondent were not sufficient enough: there was no evidence of a dishonest act or knowledge of a dishonest act on the part of R. D. None of the evidence satisfied the Extradition Act of Canada.

According to the above reasons (lack of evidence for mens rea) the Canadian Court denied the extradition and surrender of the accused person to the Republic of Hungary

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