Enlisted by the UK Embassy in Budapest

List of Lawyers of the UK Embassy in Budapest, Hungary

I proudly announce that the British Consulate awarded my service in the area of Criminal Law for UK citizens by enlisting me on their List of Lawyers in Hungary with the details below.

It is a great honour for me. I will of course do my best in the future in the representation of UK natinals or English speaking clients in Hungarian criminal cases.

My details on the list:

Budapest 1137
Újpesti Rkp. 7
Mobil:+36 30 221 1579
E-mail: batki@batki.info

This company has told us the following:

  • they have English speaking staff
  • staff also speak French and German
  • they are affiliated to the Budapest Bar Association
  • specialisations are in Criminal Law, International Criminial Law (ie. Extraditions and European Arrest Warrants) and Human Rights Law.

Also Migration Law, Land Law and Property Law

  • they have experience of representing British nationals
  • they cannot provide legal aid
  • typically their pro bono practice is offered to Hungarian clients. However they would consider offering pro bono service to British nationals in exceptional cases
  • office in centre of Budapest so mainly Budapest. Sometimes takes cases outside if the nature of the case requires special service which they can provide. In these cases they suggest their clients communicate online or by phone
  • they do not have international offices but regularly cooperate with UK or other foreign law firms on cross border cases

“Regular information in English on my website about my legal experience or about various areas of Hungarian law.”

Criminal Law blog in English
Introduction in English

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