Successful court case related to the acquisition of Hungarian real estate by foreigners

In Hungary Acquisition of real estate by foreigners (non-EU country – third country – nationals) takes place in a different way than the acquisition of property by Hungarian citizens. Apart from the exceptions specified in the law, a foreign individual can only acquire the right to own property in Hungary with a government office permit.

Unpleasant surprises in case of property acquisition by foreigners

In most cases, this takes place within 1-2 months without problems. Recently, however, the competent municipality has refused to give its consent in several cases. thus, the client’s acquisition of ownership failed. In this article, we present the main rules and report on a successful court case where a foreign individual was able to acquire property in Hungary despite facing initial obstacles. The court ruling set a precedent and clarified the legal framework for non-EU nationals seeking to own real estate in the country. This case highlighted the importance of thorough research and understanding of the regulations governing property acquisition by foreigners. As a result, potential buyers are advised to consult legal experts familiar with the specific requirements and procedures to ensure a smooth and successful acquisition process.

The rules for foreigners if they want to buy Hungarian real estate:

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